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Committed to establishing a beneficial link between the principal and the customer for the profit of all

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Representing Quality Manufacturers Since 1983

Spanning the territory from Maine to Virginia, Smith Associates supplies wire and metal products for the military, structural, industrial, and commercial industries. As a unique sales, marketing, & consulting organization, we acknowledge individuality while aspiring to the agency's common vision. We accomplish this by embracing ethics, integrity, flexibility, and structure. Our company is committed to establishing a beneficial link between the principal and the customer for the profit of all.

Well-versed, educated, and often intimately involved at the engineering level, we are regularly requested to handle correspondence regarding specific print information. We help to facilitate the development and testing of prototypes, and have assisted in the creation of new product lines. Informed on trends and knowledge of the current market status, we are fully equipped to provide support from manufacturing to the end-user.

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Companies Represented

APM Hexseal

Since 1947, APM Hexseal Corp. has been the leader in developing and manufacturing sealing solutions that significantly prolong the life of switches and circuit breakers in hostile environments. APM offers a wide variety of silicone switch covers and sealing hardware, including a complete line of reusable, self-sealing fasteners and washers

Dayon Manufacturing

Since 1957 Dayon Manufacturing Inc. has produced quality custom miniature springs, sub-miniature compression and extension, as well as standard sizes. Since their inception they have developed unique proprietary manufacturing methods that enable them to enjoy a reputation known the world over.

Ideal Fasteners

Since 1969 Ideal Fasteners Inc. has been a manufacturer of high quality Socket Cap, Torx Drive, Torx Plus, & Torq Set externally threaded fasteners. Quality, reliability, and service, has been what makes Ideal Fasteners… Ideal.

Prestige Stamping, Inc.

Founded in 1967, Prestige is a leading domestic manufacture of washers and stampings, attaining top industry awards for quality and service. At Prestige, they believe you deserve the best, and their goal is to exceed customers' expectations.

Trihex Manufacturing, Inc.

Serving a niche market in the fastener industry since 1979 with a known reputation for producing high quality Four Spline, Six Spline, Hex socket, and Slotted configurations, Trihex’s experience with automatic screw machine capabilities, allow them to produce a wide variety of precision made products.

W.J. Roberts Co., Inc.

Established in 1972, W.J. Roberts Co. Inc. specializes in the production of spacers and standoffs. With a large inventory stocked plain or plated to customer’s specifications, W.J. Roberts is able to provide customers quick turnaround times and customization options.


Bradley Group

For over 30 years the Bradley Group of Companies has been holding the world together with proprietary applications of thread lockers, sealants and nylon patches are renowned for their effectiveness and reliability. Brand names you can trust including Loctite Driloc and 3M Scotch-Grip, are all applied in their quality assured processes.

forrest machine products Co.

Founded in 1979 in Mansfield, Ohio, Forrest Machine Products Co. produces precision, high-quality parts and assemblies on the latest CNC automated machine tool technology and conventional screw machines. Forrest’s goal is to provide their customers with quality products on time every time.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp.

The oldest and most experienced “metric only” distributor in the USA, Metric & Multistandard is a wholesale distributor of metric fasteners and industrial components.

Screws Industries

Screws Industries opened its doors in the fall of 1983, and quickly established itself as a reliable manufacturer. Today, their size range has grown to include larger diameter parts and longer lengths. The Screws Industries brand has become synonymous with offering a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices and an unparalleled level of service.

TurnaSure, LLC

Originally established as gun manufacturers in 1805, the Turner Companies later founded Cooper & Turner Ltd to develop industrial fastening systems and production methods. Max Turner, of Cooper & Turner, invented the load-indicating washer in 1962. Purchased and re-branded in 1986 as TurnaSure, LLC, they are now a global supplier of Direct Tension Indicators.

BTM Manufacturing

BTM is a leading manufacturer of bent and threaded products, serving customers throughout North America for over 50 years. Continually striving to meet and exceed customer's expectations, BTM is in constant pursuit of quality, value and reliability improvements in the products and services provided.

GF&D Systems

Since 1989, GF&D Systems has been a nationally renowned and award winning supplier of the high caliber grease fittings and accessories, servicing industrial distributors, master catalog houses, and tier one automotive providers.

North East Fastener Corporation

Specializing in high quality fasteners since 1963, North East Fasteners found a key niche in miniaturization. “We know that a product’s integrity depends on the design, quality and reliability of the parts that go into it. That’s why we put so much thought into the way we manufacture our fasteners.” - R. J. Webster, founder

Sherex Fastening Solutions

Sherex Industries was founded in 1978 primarily serving the Automotive and Fluid Power Markets, and soon became Sherex Fastening Solutions with the addition of their rivet nut line. Sherex has remained steadfast in their mission to deliver high quality fastening solutions at the lowest total installed cost.

Vulcan Steel Products

Vulcan Threaded Rod was founded in 1978, the goal was simple: to provide fastener distributors in the South with threaded rod along with outstanding service at a competitive price. Over time, Vulcan grew to become a dominant player in the threaded rod market nationwide.


We’re here to partner with our customers and principals on every level. We know what it takes to save money and raise your sales quotas yearly.
— Mike Smith


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